Texturing, lighting & caustics render on 3D Max mentalray

Finally got round to doing some test renders involving caustics.

Disclaimer: I did not build these sample models.

What I did do was to rip off all the original textures and lighting (since they were done on vray), redid my own maps/textures, lighting (natural & artificial) and some experimenting with AO maps & generating caustics using 3D Max mentalray. In the case of the bathroom, I did more “repair” work to the ceiling to create downlights, added more accessories and fittiings, plus skylight portal.

And here are the preliminary results. Of course these are not the completed final renders, was too lazy to map every DVD cover, LOL. But they give a pretty clear idea of the glass & lighting effects 🙂

TV console 2

TV console 2, caustics effect not clear due to insufficient bounces.

TV console 1

TV console 1, caustics generated with more bounces. See the corner of the sofa peeping out? Love those Minotti fabrics 🙂



Bathroom in polished travertine & mosaic. Too polished in fact, so much so that it is reflecting back part of the ceiling cove upturn in the cove lights, 😛

Gonna post some Blender stuff soooooon 😀

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