21 Dec 2012 – Graduation Day!

So the almost 3-month course (actually about 2 & a half months if you exclude the 1-week break) is finally over, with the final BJT mock exam again conducted on 17 Dec 2012, and final presentation using slideshow on 19 Dec 2012.

Graduation Certificate

Graduation Certificate

After studying for almost 3-months, BJT results only improved by 10 points, ppfffttt …

Results were released on the same day, and all our transport claims (for the excursions to museums etc.) + ¥2,000 incentive for writing our “feelings” for school to publish, were reimbursed on that day too. ¥2,000 per piece, 1 in Jap and 1 in mother tongue, so ¥4,000 in all, supposed to be in the form of vouchers, but because by the time comments were given and acted upon, the deadline was too close to everyone’s departure date, and everyone ended up (happily too it seems for most of them) with cash back.

T-sensei, as always the 1-person welfare committee :), gave us all individually written notes and a small gift, wrapped up ever so thoughtfully.

T-sensei's gift

T-sensei’s gift … *sniff-sniff-sniffle* 。(゚うェ´。)゚

The so-called “graduation ceremony” is held in the very same room we had our lessons, and after that the lecturers present + the lady head principle I think, gave their speeches.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

We were caught off-guard when they requested we each say something too. Since 1 was the 2nd one, of course I fumbled badly, blehhhhh.

After that we were all treated to lunch at a fairly posh restaurant at Namba Parks …

Lunch Treat !

Lunch Treat ! A similar set placed outside the restaurant shows price of about ¥1,200++ if I remember correctly.

Tea & dessert

Tea & dessert (made from some mandarin-orange like citrus fruit, tangy jello flavour)

And all too soon, it is goodbye. After the mandatory group photo (again), I literally ran off, to catch my Kodama Shinkansen to Tokyo


Jump Festa here I come    ニャンニャン(=゚ー゚)

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