Merry Christmas!

So the world did not end on 21 Dec 2012 afterall 🙂

And we are now approaching X’mas.

On this Christmas Eve, I have many things to be thankful for, for example:

1.  that my normal ATM card with the “plus” logo can actually  be used to withdraw Yen from 7-11 “7-bank” ATM machines (maybe I will get a heart attack tomorrow when I find out how much the exchange rate is or how much I have been charged for the transaction but for some strange reason it cannot be used to find out balance inquiry, even though it is offered as an option ???)

plus logo, system by VISA

2.   that I did not catch a cold from running around in the rain (well, under an umbrella borrowed from guesthouse, thank you, S-san) in Tokyo in freezing 4 degrees,

3.   that though I missed the Jump Festa 2013 morning segment, I managed to get some of the goods 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)σ゚。

4.   and following from No.3, that I did not embarrass myself by overbuying and running out of cash, though I was left with barely 500 yen for the rest of the trip ….  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。ゥワーンッ

… until No.1 happened. Hope the bank hotline phonecall will not cost me a bomb in IDD charges 😦 though the bank’s snarky fellow was right in insisting that the foreign ATM machines can only dispense cash, not give balance inquiry. The lady who I spoke to afterwards was much more tactful and helpful.

5.  that I finally covered the whole Akihabara this time, though I still couldn’t locate the Megahouse メガハウス store (near Asakusa 浅草, apparently)

6.   and this most delicious breakfast in the world! After I discovered that my ATM card can really withdraw cash from Japan’s 7-11 stores’ ATM machines, after a sleepless night wondering how to use my credit card to withdraw cash when I don’t know the PIN number *slap face*
As I suspected, the bank couldn’t give me the PIN number, nor can it be reset online. They have to send a new encrypted slip to my address back home, and then I would have to find a way to authenticate the PIN first BEFORE it can be used. And no, the bank branch in Tokyo apparently will not be able to help, according to hotline staff.


Breakfast at Burger King at Minami-Senju Station, Tokyo

And though my family and friends are not with me this X’mas period, I am sure they are all doing fine, enjoying the Silent Night in their own ways 🙂 (otherwise I would have been hearing complaints by now ???)

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