Airport commute

So I finally made it back to Osaka from Hong Kong (nearly couldn’t get on the plane, but that LONG story on another day :P)

As indicated earlier, I took the train back to dormitory, at only ¥890:

Hankyu Train ticket from airport at ¥890

Hankyu Train ticket from airport at ¥890

Hankyu Train schedule

Hankyu Train schedule – from airport back to school / dorm no changing of train required, but there may be 1 change from town to airport though

According to 1 of the Taiwan classmates, the ticket from town to airport can be bought from the self-dispensing ticket booth at ¥790, but since I took the bus @ ¥1,000 there, not too sure about that. But the train from airport is the express 急行, so that may explain the price difference as compared to normal 普通.

So if there are not too much luggage to lug around, the train is a cheaper and in my mind, more comfortable option (morning trains are VERY empty 🙂 )

Viewers please note this is NOT the JR train, there are both JR & Hankyu train stations side by side at Kansai airport, but the JR will only take you to Shin-Osaka, aka Umeda if I am not wrong. Then you will need to pay ¥230 to take subway to the train station next to the school.

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