To-bring list for future students

Just a quick run-down of the stuff that future students who wish to “succeed” me in this course, hehehe

It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list, just a list of some items that participants may not think of bringing:

1.   umbrella (it can rain for an entire day here in Osaka), if riding bicycle, definitely need raincoat

2.   waterproof coat or gloves, cos of strong winds else your fingers can still freeze inside your woolly fuzzy glove when the wind start howling, I am fine without scarf, ear muffs or hat, but my flat mates all ended up buying ear muffs

3.  thick woolly socks that go above your ankle, or your toes and ankles freeze in winter even in your own room with the heater on

4.   clothes hangers, none in my small cupboard at all

5.   “business suit”, for those who want to “wow” during the 2 presentations during the course work (but I refused to bring or buy ‘cos not related to my line of work, never worn 1 in my whole life and not gonna start now :P)

6.   washing powder    (a bit expensive here, + a big clamp to hold down your laundry or bed sheets or futon, remember strong winds in No. 2 above? applicable only to rooms with balconies. And laundry net if you have lots of small items like socks, stockings, gloves, ear muffs, scarves etc to wash)

7.   baby powder    (couldn’t find any decent size type for adult use, only baby-use small bottles or puff-puff container types, and those are not cheap either, 1 small bottle of johnson baby powder for S$1.50 back home costs more than ¥700 here at 1 of the department store, and nope, none of the supermarkets carry baby powder)

8.   cutlery.      They only give 1 shallow plate, a bowl, pair of chopsticks & 1 cup.      Me? I brought my mini pot & stove as well, which comes with a squarish bowl, bought another pair of stainless chopsticks here cos the lacquered ones provided had paint flaking off, bought a stainless spoon and fork too @ ¥100 each, but can be bought for about ¥80++ each at 千日前道具屋筋 Sennichimae Douguyasuji

My portable Sanyo pot bought more than 10 years ago, and used for the 1st time here ...

My portable Sanyo pot bought more than 10 years ago, and used for the 1st time here …

9.    3-pin extension plug with flat head pin main connector, if you have to use tablet, laptop, hand phones, table lamp & charge camera all at the same time … and nope, couldn’t find any 3-pin thingy in all the 3 electrical department stores and small shops along den-den town

Flat 2-pin plug used in Japan

Flat 2-pin plug used in Japan

10.    heaps of moisturizer and/or lip balm, humidity here around 50%+, my flat mate’s lips cracked … of course can always buy here, can take the chance to try the hundreds of different Japanese local products here if not scared of disfiguring your face experimenting on yourself

11.    I found it useful to have hole puncher, stapler, cello tape, glue stick, post-it notes, scissors, coloured or thick felt tip pens, but then my flat mates made do with only basic pen, mechanical pencil & highlighters.

12.    Jogging shoes.     It is possible to do jogging here, there’s a nice strip of park nearby, but no exercise stations so I had to do crunches at my room before going out to freeze my lungs off. Boy, do they hurt when breathing in the cold air! But it gets bearable after warming up so I only jog in the daytime under the “blazing” sun. My Korean class mate jogs at night in full winter gear … a bit dangerous …. cos of all the dog shit along the way which can be hard to see at night …

13.    ATM card.     My bank told me can use ATM cards here (not credit card) where there are machines that display the plus logo. Haven’t tried it yet, but most of the 7-11 stores have the seven-bank sign which indicates it is possible to withdraw Yen using overseas ATM cards. My banks charges S$5 per transaction, or so they told me

14.    passport size photos cost about ¥700++ for 4, so bring your own if you intend to send out butt-loads of resume, alternative is to use PC to insert image then print out, not sure how much the school charges (asked them last time but they didn’t get back to me in time so I went off to buy my own printer 😛 )

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