Culinary Disaster 7

Lunch for 15 Oct 2012 …


Lunch – fried rice

Okay so the fried rice …

1.   has some burnt eggs/omelet some where

2.  think the sausages are still cold from the fridge 😛

3.  decided to sprinkle some wasabi+sesame seed+whatever thingy on top to mask whatever taste or lack of taste 😛

4.   the raw salad came out “perfect”, can never go wrong with just adding a dash of soya sauce on raw greens


So “disappointed” with lunch that I went out to buy tempura for dinner …


Dinner, only cooked some porridge and surrendered (bought the ready-made tempura from Tamade supermarket …)

* actually lunch not THAT bad la ….

(–、)ヾ(^^ )なくんじゃないよ

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