Culinary Disaster 6

YAY! Saturday 13 Oct 2012 no school, decided to go check out the Wholesale Centre just beyond Nakanoshima, so thought of bringing along a bento set

so morning breakfast, lunch …


“Simple” breakfast … ok ok ok, I confess I was too lazy to cook up a storm for breakfast since am preparing the mess for lunch box 😛


Lunch Bento box – learnt my lesson this time, put the salad with soya sauce in a water tight bag & not in the bento box, don’t wanna have to wash bag & camera again in case the bento box overturned again, my olympus still smells a bit soya-ish 😛

and dinner …


Dinner, porridge with some left over sweet potato from lunch & too much nori (1 whole sheet in fact)

Too tired (or lazy) to make any dishes I simply dumped miso paste to the porridge besides the adding ever-reliable hana katsuo to give the bland & very sticky porridge some taste.


Ready-made miso paste, with some wakame bits inside (taste a bit like tao-chieun)

Well, I could TASTE some thing …. (–、)ヾ(^^ )なくんじゃないよ

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