13 Oct 2012 Horie & Nakanoshima snoop-around

Saturday 13 Oct 2012

Target snoop area —> Nakanoshima 中之島, passing through Horie 堀江 area on the way there.

Horie has a bunch of furniture / design shops, mostly concentrated along 1 street named inexplicably “Orange Street” , they even have their own website http://horie.ne.jp

(well, the reason can be found here )

Some shots of the shops & streets


– Street view (can’t seem to escape Tamade 玉で supermarket)
– furniture supermart
– Another street view


– some shop
– another shop
– dunno what shop


more furniture shops … yawnzzz


– some more shop
– serious?!? ¥100 meal??? ¥100 can buy me a pack of plain white rice from Tamade supermarket 😦

And on to Nakanoshima, but along the way …


REAL Fly-overs.
LTA, are u watching this?

bicycle parking

“High-rise” bicycle parking, thought only China uses them

wholesale centre

Osaka wholesale centre – the biggest sign in the centre shows directions for the toilet …. how considerate 🙂

and I found Optimus Prime! Autobots, transform and roll out, bwahahaha



Then bummed around Nakanoshima, had lunch on a bench, watching an Obayashi work site tower crane hauling stuff up and down, up and down …

Nakanoshima station

Nakanoshima station

Found some more furniture & design shops along Yotsubashi street 四ツ橋, spotted Kartell here


Kartell shop

Discovered the reason for all those parks dotted all over the place:

park sign

Park sign explaining how park should be used in times of mass evacuation


Science Museum on the left, Art museum on the right

and finally too dark to take any photos, I rounded off the night with this   ( ^-x-^)ブ


Good Night !

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