*GASP* Homework!





Report Writing in Japanese … *dies*

All because for our 1st lesson on the Wed class, we visited the Osaka Entrepreneur Museum 大阪企業家ミュージアム on 10 Oct 2012 Wed, heard some interesting stories about the early pioneers who started various industries, the most notable one that the presenter spent almost 1 hour elaborating in a seminar room is of course the Nissin instant noodle founder Ando Momofuku 安藤 百福.

entrepreneur museum

Osaka Entrepreneur Museum, near Sakai-suji Honmachi Station 堺筋本町駅

Well known “big-boys” main con in Singapore Obayashi & Takenaka were also based in Osaka. While Obayashi started out in Osaka, Takenaka moved from Nagoya to Kobe before settling in Osaka.


(L to R) Architectural Practice Tatsuno Kingo (1854~1919) & disciple Kataoka Yasushi (1876~1946), Takenaka Touemon (14th) (1877~1965) & Obayashi Yoshigorou (1864~1916)

Sensei took us there by train, about 10 mins ride, ¥200 1-way, which will apparently be reimbursed to us at the end of the 3 month course. The usual ¥300 (I think) entrance fee is waived for us students, all 6+3 of us

Splurged ¥700 for the museum guide book with write-ups of all the displays

*could never resist buying books at museums, temples …*

Of course if I had known there would be homework, I would not have gone and watch a movie, Ladies’ Day at Toho Cinema


( then again, not even exams stopped me from watching movies, so what’s the big deal about a small report … 😛  )

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