Culinary Disaster 3

Sausage is easy to cook.


No one can go wrong with sausages, right?

Right .

Then how come I can burn them?!?!


Deceased Sausage – 1st sacrifice from a pack of 14 …


In the spirit of the Osaka Entrepreneurs, Never Say Die Spirit *ahem* 2nd attempt below:

1st bento

My 1st shot at making bento, finally managed to make rice that looked like rice …

Doesn’t look too bad, right? It actually looks edible, right?


1.  some bits of rice was too hard, not cooked well cause I used my own portable cooker now instead of the awful one provided in the apartment

2.  raw salad wash only mah, then add a bit of soya sauce

3.  not even I can screw up boiled egg ….

4.  2nd sausage, on the verge of burning

5.  and my favourite green or chinese tea in the flask  (=^–^=)

green tea

Green Tea brought from home, bought at Isetan Scotts, for a way too expensive price, bleh …

Took bl@@dy 2 over hours just to do all this!!! Maybe I should just go and support Nissin more …


Nissin Shouyu & Miso flavour soup noodles, quite nice leh

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