Changing times …

HA! Even Japan can’t escape from these “firemen & their hosereels” mwahahaha


どこへもWC   (no offense to Doraemon :P)

Seems like this problem is getting more commonplace, read in the news that even Mitsubishi Bank in Tokyo had to put up such a sign (a more presentable one la) in front of their FRONT DOOR.

Maybe because our area is the more down-to-earth residential area, local folks here don’t seem so conscious of their habits? Osaka folks generally don’t stop in designated areas for their smoking fix, they simply smoke and walk or cycle along the way. And then, quite a few times I have seen them toss the butt on the street just like that 😦

Even young girls in high leather boots, short skirts throw cigarette butts in the street, another time saw another woman riding her bike and tossing tissue paper out on the way

* sad * (´∩`。)

In the wee hours of the night morons race their un-muffled bikes and pimped-up turbo-boosted cars, their engines roar echoing through the night, usually followed by police car sirens …
Even the local govt has kind of acknowledged the rising “social disamenity” … ?


Advisory from Osaka local town council advising bicycles & mini-bike owners to lock up their possessions

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