1st movie in Osaka! & not-so-disastrous Culinary Disaster 4

So I went for my 1st movie in Osaka (went to 1 a few years back, in Tokyo, I think, or Nagoya or somewhere …) on the 10 Oct 2012 Wed after the museum trip.


Popcorn @ ¥300, nice caramel flavour, just like those from KL’s Golden Screen
* I Like * ( =⌒∇)ノミャー♪

“Resident Evil: retribution or something”, in 3D,so although Ladies Day is ¥1,000 (vs. ¥1,800 regular), had to fork out extra ¥400 for the 3D glasses.

Surprisingly snug & comfy, unlike those back home where I had to use 1 hand to hold them up throughout the whole show

3d glasses

My ¥400 3d glasses


Toho Cinema Lobby box office area, can check screen time, buy tickets & food & …




Why can’t our cinemas back home have such nice movie tie-up merchandise?
* miffed * 。(゚うェ´。)゚

Then back home to cook dinner again


Dinner for 10 Oct 2012

Those sharp-eyed ones will notice …. HEY! It’s the same dishes, same menu!

But NO!!! Look closely! I added hana katsuo 花かつお on the rice, that makes the whole meal totally different, okayyyy?


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