8 Oct 2012 Shitennoji trip

1st sight-seeing tour on 8 Oct 2012 is to the Shitennoji (temple) 四天王寺 near the Tennoji Station 天王寺駅, with P-san, C-san & G-san.

The number of candid shots along the way these 3 ladies took …. *shake head*

Along the way got side tracked by many shops:

soba shop



Tennoji-shopoing street – yahhhh, spent money again la …


Entrance to Shitennoji 四天王寺, inner court is ¥300, museum is ¥500, garden is free but closed

old book fair

Old book (& CD, maps, stationery, etc) fair being held in the temple grounds, free entry to all


Lamps (electric) in memory of those have have left this world ….

The gang split up after this ‘cos I was busy taking photos of buildings while they were busy taking photos of themselves 🙂

More morbid stuff, didn’t know this area has so many small temples/shrines that are actually cemetaries …

temple cemetary

1 of the many temple cemeteries along the Matsuyamachi-suji (street) 松屋町筋


And 1 cemetery right smack in the middle of a housing area …

funeral parlour

Let’s not forget the funeral parlour, nice trees in front 🙂


No trees? Paint your own. And while you are at it, might as well paint some birds in (cafe)
( =⌒∇)ノミャー♪

bike parking

The best way to “persuade” folks not to park their bicycles is to charge them … wait a minute, what are those 2 in the back OUTSIDE the railing … ?!?


No, no, no, it is just pure coincidence that I happen to shoot the wine & beer aisle of the supermarket, bwahahaha


BEFORE: Dinner @ Machikado-ya 街かど屋 ¥650


AFTER: … don’t you just love “professional” food?

add rice

Not filling? More plain rice, pls help yourself …
Nope, it won’t work back home, shop will go bankrupt from free loaders *nods head*

Those who know me well ….

Ya ya ya, I hate tofu, ok? I hate tofu, I hate tofu, I hate tofu, stop nagging already … ===≡≡≡。゚┌(゚´Д`゚)┘゚。

A parlour of another kind …


Pachinko parlour

america mura

America Mura (village)


and …. **totally speechless**

Then in spite of my epic culinary failures, I still decided to splurge on a new bento box & flask to ensure my life in Osaka is made as difficult as possible:


bento-box @ ¥880 from Life ライフ supermarket, last piece, fufufufu


bento & flask (¥798) and the houji tea (no idea what it is at all, it smelled nice though …) that I bought earlier from the tennoji shop ¥600

of course saw similar configuration bento boxes at those ¥300 (315 incl. sales tax) shop, but gosh, the design & colours …. *facepalm*

Another culinary disaster coming your way soon … don’t go away 🙂

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