ENTRANCE EXAM! (& culinary disaster 1)

We were introduced to the next door neighbour, a Taiwan girl C-san (another Taiwan roommate not in) taking the morning tough course with P-san, and T-san, another Thai girl with my class that night of 3 Oct 2012 and had dinner together at this place known for gyoza. Ordered some soup ramen thingy about ¥480, then our Taiwan guide who only arrived 1 day before me showed us the place a bit, and the supermarket to start stocking up to prepare for my culinary adventure …

Then zzZZZZ the whole day 4 Oct 2012 till late afternoon before venturing out to check out the neighbourhood, and a yoshinoya bento dinner at ¥420 ish

My “miserable” class had only 3 students, while the morning session had 6pp. The next morning Friday 5 Oct 2012 we had an unbelievable tough entrance exam, turned out even the morning class found it tough. It was a past year BJT (business japanese test) paper !!!

Nevermind, don’t dwell on inevitable unhappy stuff ….

see some happy photos ~ (^ω^) ~

My classroom & mates

My class – room …. & mates 🙂

This was what I tried to make for morning breakfast …

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato – EPIC FAIL (half boil & half microwave style)

Sweet potato – EPIC FAIL (half boil half toaster style)

I should just stick to half-boil eggs …. bleh

About ¥200++ for 3 medium size 15cm or 5 small ones

Luckily this is dinner, happy ( =⌒∇)ノミャー♪

Sukiya dinner

Dinner@Sukiya – beef bowl + oshinko ¥400+

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