Backdate … arrival @ Osaka

Let’s rewind a bit to my arrival at Kansai Airport on 5 Oct 2012, delayed for 4.5 hours by Airasia. Captain gave reason that there was a technical fault with the earlier plane, and we ended up traveling on a substitute Airasia plus plane which comes with a somewhat annoying little pillow on the head rest on every seat. But the Singapore-KL leg was smooth

Check-in luggage for just 2 pcs!!! The orange trolley and the backpack. The hand carry-on was about 8.3? 8.9kg? and my laptop haversack, needless to say must be another 10kg …. (*´;ェ;`*)

Stuck at the KL LCCT transit lounge for 4.5 hours until new departure time at 5.20am, they gave affected passengers 2x RM10 McDonald’s voucher, for which we had to exit customs and then come back again. Long story short,

1.   my magenta scissors got confiscated from my carry-on,

2.  the French or British looking guy whom I shared my voucher with had even more stuff taken away, and

3.  always, always always keep your boarding passes for the earlier leg of the flight, no matter what the counter folks say or do.

So finally reached Kansai, about 1pm, found the limousine bus with some help from info counter, bought the ticket to Namba 難波 blindly and waited for the next bus at 2+pm, trying desperately not to fall asleep 😦

Kansai Airport, Osaka near the boarding point for the limousine bus to city centre

Bus boarding point outside Kansai Airport 1sty

Bus boarding point outside Kansai Airport 1sty, ticket at ¥1,000

Ticketing booth

Bus ticketing booth in the distant background, see the long queue?

Bus trip was supposedly the cheapest, dunno the train ticket price

Bus schedule

Bus schedule to Namba & Okayama

Bus schedule-close up

Bus schedule-close up – the 50min to 1hr bus to Namba can be bought on the spot, not so for the alternate bus at the same bus stop that goes to Okayama, need advanced ticket to secure a seat (4-5 hours?)


And along the approx. 1 hour journey, some “inspiring” factory-ish views

Views on the way from Kansai airport to city centre

Views on the way from Kansai airport to city centre

Then arrival at OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal, なるほど …) Minatomachi 湊町 Terminal, next to JR Namba train station, not to be confused with Nankai Namba Station 南海難波, at about 3+pm. Used the left over coins from a few years back to call Hasegawa Sensei & principal, and he soon arrived to whisk me off to my new dorm a few minutes away by cab.

Dorm briefing over, he soon left to pick up another flat mate at 5+pm. Next morning another one. All in, I have 2 Thai flat mates, P-san taking the morning much more higher level business / working Jap, whereas G-san & me are the noon lessons. All “anti-social” types who opted for single rooms, bwahahaha. Our apartment is a corner unit on a supposedly all-girls storey (but I saw other male residents today) so even corridor facing unit has some privacy. Looks like the school rented or bought various units within the block, and there appears to be other units in other blocks too. Then … off to makan ….

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