No, not my hand, but my 6-year old Palm Tungsten E. I was charging it using it’s proprietary electrical charger (not the USB one), but when I checked on it 2 hours later, it was showing a frozen screen with static horizontal lines flashing repeatedly across the screen. When I pulled it out of the charger, it felt really hot in my hands, and then … the screen went dead.

Just like that.

I tried resetting by poking it in the back countless times (those who have owned a Palm PDA would know what I mean), but to no avail. I then waited for 1 week for the battery to die off and tried charging it again, but it totally ignored me, and continued to flash the dead screen happily at me.

So I thought, perhaps I could get it repaired …
Went to the Palm Support/ Repairs page and tried the step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

At the troubleshooting page, some items on the “Hardware” section that I clicked, e.g. ‘Won’t turn on’, only gave me this ‘advice’:
“Sorry. You may have asked for an item that does not exist. Please check the web page address or go back to the last page.”

How helpful.

So I tried to see if I could send it in for repairs, obviously no more warranty. And at this page , guess how much the repair fees are?

SGD $215. (Assuming the repair cost for my Tungsten E is the same as for E2, my model wasn’t even listed).

And I bought that bugger for S$300++ …

R.I.P. my Tungsten E …

And that means I have to go without my Japanese PDA dictionary indefinitely until I get a new Palm … ARRGH! If I fail my JLPT 4 exam, it is Palm’s fault! Okay, so it is not their fault, but I still want to blame them …

When will Palm Pre come to Singapore???

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