Lecture by Kenneth A. Huff @ SP

2004.3 by Kenneth A. Huff
 2004.3 by Kenneth A. Huff

On Tuesday 21 July 2009, Kenneth A. Huff delivered a lecture at SP (Singapore Polytechnic) showcasing some of his works in digital media. Currently in Singapore by invitation from the Lucasfilm Animation Singapore to conduct part of the Jedi Program, he presented a number of his high-resolution still-images and lately, what he called ‘time-based’ pieces, namely animated works and how he was very much inspired by Nature and surrounding patterns. Kenneth A. Huff is a lecturer at the Savannah College of Art and Design and has his own studio there. For more information on his beautifully surrealistic works, please visit Kenneth A. Huff ~ Official Website.

Some interesting tidbits of information were revealed during the lecture (if I can remember correctly):

  • Some of his still-images are 12,000px across by blah-blah px high (go do the maths based on HDTV aspect ratio, 🙂 ). One such example is shown top of this post.
  • If shown on a standard HDTV, 4 screens would be required, some works may measure some 2m high and some 4m across thereabouts
  • A typical image like the one above takes a single computer about 1 MONTH to render …
  • Because he knows enough programming, he was able to customize many routine 3D constructions to achieve his artistic expression. One thing to note is that among all the works, he said probably only 5 texture maps are used. The rest of the textures are generated by procedural routines which he himself coded, as textures/raster images are not able to achieve that level of resolution. He did mention that for animated works, such routines are not possible, otherwise the rendering time might stretch into years …
  • He has 15 years worth of research, comprising sketches of natural phenomena, plants, microscopic close-ups, many of which still serve as inspiration for all his creations, none of which, he stressed, are representations of actual objects/living things.
  • He uses mainstream software like Maya with mentalray, After Effects, presumably on the PC, since Autodesk is not known to support Apple??? Though curiously enough, the laptop he used to project his works during the lecture is an iBook.

  • Go visit his website and enjoy the journey through this fantastic world of 3D images/animations!

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